User Experience Recruitment

Partnering with a search firm is an investment of time, trust, and ultimately cost. Selecting the right partner therefore is critical for a smooth, reliable, and effective search. eXperience Talent a) knows the User Interface industry from actual industry experience, b) has over six years experience recruiting exclusively in the UX sector, c) can demonstrate a proven track record of success.

Twelve years UI industry experience

Having worked at leading international firms such as BT and Siemens, eXperience Talent's consultants have actual hands-on commercial experience of designing and developing user interfaces for websites, desktop software applications, retail kiosks, and telecommunications devices.

We know the difference between Wireframes and widgets, between personas and procedures, between hi-fi prototypes and hi-fi sound systems. Trust in a firm that's been there and has the t-shirt.

Eight years UX recruitment experience

eXperience Talent's consultants were one of the first recruitment professionals to cover and subsequently specialise in User Experience recruitment globally. Through exclusively working with UX jobs over an eight year period, eXperience Talent has gained intimate knowledge of employer's requirements and job seeker's abilities, resulting in an effective, efficient, and smooth recruitment cycle time and time again.

No time is wasted with understanding job descriptions or representing candidates that are not User Experience designers. In fact, we can't recall an occasion where a client has said this isn't the kind of candidate we're seeking. By acting as an effective conduit, more time is available for client and candidate alike to ensure their match is the right one.

Post a UX vacancy / ask for advice

Should you have a User Experience job you'd like us to assist with, or you perhaps have some questions about our services, experience, or would like to know more about the local or international UX market, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Through our industry background, we ensure you'll receive an informed and pressure-free engagement where the focus is on getting it right from the very start.

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UX Recruitment Services

eXperience Talent works with a plethora of organizations, from multi-national corporations through to five person start-ups. Our services are as varied as the clients we work with. Whether you're looking to staff a team of 20+ (we've done that) or hire a one off UX professional (we've done a lot of that too) we can offer a tailored recruitment service to suit your needs.

Retained Search

Whether you have a business critical hire that demands the utmost attention or a difficult hire that demands more time than a competitive contingency search could allow for, consider our retained search service. We're transparent with how much time and resources we can allocate to particular projects so you can make an informed decision about whether this provides the most suitable option for you. We also thought you'd like to know we have a 100% success record for retained search.

Contingency Search

Confident the right person is just around the corner but you don't have the time or resources to find him or her? Utilise our unique blend of commercial UI and UX recruitment experience to bridge that gap. With experience of hiring in the US, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Australia, we don't shy away from a challenge. We'll provide a consultative service from introduction to the candidate starting giving you the peace of mind that we're there at each stage of the recruitment cycle.

In-house Staffing Model

Looking to staff a team of five, ten, maybe twenty UX researchers and/or designers? Does multiplying that number by your typical per placement expenditure make you weak at the knees and a little light-headed? No problem. eXperience Talent has provided tailored team hiring projects for clients internationally. We can work together to provide a solution that works best financially as well as practically. We'll become an extension of your internal recruitment process, whether that means an in-house presence or not (your call), we'll ensure you aren't raiding the rainy-day piggy bank to get that crucial team in place.